Escritorio Antonio Arrospide e Hijos , was founded by our father, Antonio Arrospide Otegui in 1978. Since then, we are the second generation at the helm of the firm, having consolidated our experience and trajectory with an emphasis on honesty, seriousness and trust. Throughout these 43 years, we have incorporated professional technical knowledge of the national agricultural reality, we carry out updated analysis of the market and its trends, looking forward to optimizing the customer satisfaction in their livestock, agricultural or forestry operations. We guarantee good services throughout the entire production cycle, from the purchase, sale or lease of land, agricultural management of the rural establishment to the commercialization of livestock and wool. We offer advice on technical issues (appraisals, diagnoses), commercial and financial- accounting. Provide deferential and exclusive service, according to the needs of each client. We focus on excellence and personalized attention, supported by the reliability and ethics as differential values ​​of our company. We work as a team, seeking to strengthen all processes in order to transcend as benchmarks in the agricultural business market

In our entire palette of services we offer agility
in the resolution of business, thus giving
the best guarantees and practical solutions.


Juan Luis Arrospide


Diego Arrospide


Juan José Arrospide


Bettina Armand Ugón

HR Manager

Mario Pacheco

Administrative Manager

Fiorella Blengio

Property Investment Counselor

Carlos Gaitán


Mauro Andres Gonzalez Rodriguez

Livestock, Wool and Land

Daiana Siré


Ademar De León

Livestock, Wool and Land

Cr. Ricardo Palma

Accounting Counselor