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161 acres

cañada en el campo de 65 hectáreas
65 hectáreas de campo en venta en Florida Uruguay.
cañada en el campo de 65 hectáreas
65 hectáreas de campo en venta en Florida Uruguay.


161 Acres of Land for Sale in Uruguay’s  Florida Region


Are you in search of a unique investment opportunity in Uruguay’s thriving agricultural and livestock sector? Look no further. This 161-acres piece of land, boasting an impressive Coneat index exceeding 100, offers a compelling prospect for astute investors.


Key Features that Set This Land Apart:

  •  Strategic Location: This land is strategically positioned just 10 kilometers from Route 6, easily accessible via a gravel road. Its prime location provides seamless connectivity to major transportation routes, making it a standout choice for anyone interested in la rural settlement in Uruguay. Plus, it’s conveniently located just over 2 hours from Montevideo.
  •  A Blank Canvas for Your Vision: This land is a blank canvas, eagerly awaiting your vision. With no existing structures to limit your creativity, you have the freedom to plan and cultivate your rural dream according to your unique needs and preferences.
  • Abundant, High-Quality Water Sources: For your agricultural or livestock project, you’ll find the reliable natural water sources on this land to be an invaluable rural asset, ensuring the success of your venture.
  •  Fertile Soils for Versatile Agriculture: The soils here belong to groups 10.3, 10.13, and 5.02b, making them exceptionally fertile and suitable for a wide range of crops and agricultural activities.

Whether you’re inclined towards agriculture, livestock farming, or a combination of both, this property offers unparalleled potential for those seeking land for sale in Uruguay. It’s your gateway to initiate, expand, or develop projects in Uruguay’s thriving agricultural sector.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to invest in Farmland in Uruguay’s Florida region. This rural property is the perfect foundation for your investment dreams.

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