Discover Uruguay: country life with Juan Arrospide

campo en Forida

Rural life in Uruguay.

Discover the countryside in Florida. Interview with Juan Arrospide.

Life and countryside : broadcast for Conexión Interior at In Perspective.

Juan Arrospide, CEO at Escritorio Arrospide, shares his perspective on rural life in Florida. This is the department where he grew up and has deep roots, spanning three generations. As a cattle auctioneer, agricultural technician, and rural producer, he tells us about the activities he carries out as a rural producer and his role in the commercialization of livestock.

Strategically located less than 100 kilometers from Montevideo, Florida has strong productive points in agriculture, livestock, and forestry. A free zone, a meatpacking plant, and a Conaprole plant, along with a well-established sector of businesses and services, are the main sources of employment.

From the field to the consumer’s plate

Arrospide refers to different production methods, such as complete cycles, rearing, feedlot finishing, pasture fattening, and silvopastoral systems.

He also delves into various cattle marketing possibilities, including breeding for meat consumption, export, or premium steers.

Cows destined for export in almost 100% of cases, heifers with different options.

Main activities of the Agribusiness Firm

The Rural Business has historically been conceived as a highly trusted venture characteristic of Uruguayan production.

Respect for all agreed-upon terms, establishing strong and lasting relationships based on mutual trust, are the pillars on which its operations are built.

Sale of farmland, leases, appraisals, and wool marketing are also branches of the daily activities of the Rural Business Office, which has been in the market for over 40 years.

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Special thanks for the interview to the host and friend Carlos Amonte, Romina Andrioli, and the En Perspectiva program, who establish a special CONNECTION WITH THE INTERIOR.


Tuesday May 23rd, 2023 | Por Arrospide