Escritorio Arrospide Achieves LSQA Certification

Marca País Uruguay: Celebrating Excellence and Promoting National Brand

Last November 17th, the Uruguay Golf Club hosted a grand event to commemorate the LSQA #CountryBrand 2023 certification ceremony. This esteemed occasion not only recognized 49 outstanding companies but also served as a platform to unveil the results of the first year of the Uruguay Country Brand licensing program under LSQA certification.

The ceremony, chaired by Vice President of the Republic Beatriz Argimón, brought together certified companies, prominent figures, and representatives from key institutions such as the Presidency, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining, Ministry of Environment, INAVI, INAC, SUL, and INIA. This strong presence from government officials underscores the strategic importance placed on promoting the Uruguay Country Brand internationally.

The country brand, which introduced its new licensing program earlier this year, reaffirms its commitment to the values that define Uruguayan companies: leadership, efficient management, origin, and export capacity. At the event, 47 companies received the LSQA certification, and an additional 39 companies, currently undergoing the auditing process, will be recognized before the end of the year.

This distinction not only validates the quality and excellence of the certified companies but also positions them as authentic ambassadors of Uruguay in international markets. Beyond being a mark of prestige, the LSQA certification facilitates the internationalization of Uruguayan products, solidifying Uruguay’s position as a benchmark for quality and leadership on the global stage.

The event went beyond celebrating business achievements; it also promoted the consolidation of Uruguay’s image and its positive impact abroad. The recognition of these outstanding companies serves as a testament to the country’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence, further strengthening Uruguay’s position as a reliable and attractive partner for international collaboration.