Land in Uruguay. A good investment.

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Buying fields in Uruguay is an excellent investment.

Uruguay is a country known for its natural beauty and stable economy. For this reason, investing in fields in Uruguay has become an excellent option for investors.

An article published in the prestigious Spanish newspaper ELDIGITAL DE ASTURIAS on April 15th highlights the benefits of acquiring land in Uruguay, in the eyes of the European investor.

The article mentions that Uruguay is a country that offers numerous investment opportunities in the agricultural sector.

Uruguayan fields are known for their quality and performance and can be an excellent source of income for those who wish to invest in them.

In addition, the Uruguayan government has implemented policies favorable to foreign investors, making the investment process simpler and safer.

What is the price of Uruguayan fields?

The article also refers to the price of Uruguayan fields, which is considerably lower than in other countries in the region.

Furthermore, the Uruguayan tax system offers benefits to investors in the agricultural sector, such as tax exemptions and reductions.

Another factor that makes investing in fields in Uruguay attractive is the political and economic stability of the country.

Uruguay is a safe and politically stable country, making it an ideal place to invest.

In addition, the Uruguayan economy has remained stable in recent years, generating confidence in investors.

In summary, buying fields in Uruguay is an excellent investment due to the quality of the land, affordable prices, favorable policies for investors, and political and economic stability of the country.

The country has the capacity to produce food for thirty million people, with a population that barely exceeds three and a half million.

The future world needs food, and Uruguay not only has the capacity to produce it but also sustainable production systems, expansion potential, and the best meat production system in the world, with animals grazing freely under the open sky on green pastures. Without stress, with traceability and an area equivalent to two soccer fields per animal.

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Source: DIGASTURIAS 15/4/2023

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