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San José






250 hectáreas

embarcadero en establecimiento rural en camo de san josé
Instalaciones de trabajo. Campo en San José.
Ganado bovino en campo en venta en Uruguay
campo con avena plantada
embarcadero en establecimiento rural en camo de san josé
Instalaciones de trabajo. Campo en San José.
Ganado bovino en campo en venta en Uruguay
campo con avena plantada


Farmland for sale Uruguay.

Take a look at this exceptional investment opportunity at a time of high demand for rural properties. Located in San José, this farm for sale offers a privileged location and great development potential.

Mixed Soils Farm in San José

250 hectares for Exclusive Sale

Well-developed farm with suitable soils for combined agricultural and livestock exploitation. Complete establishment with potential for productive development.

Geographical Location and Accessibility:

Strategically located in the San José Department, this agricultural and livestock operation benefits from a convenient and accessible location. With access from main roads and good internal roads, both from Montevideo, San José, or Florida, it is attractive for those looking to invest in a farm that does not require extensive travel.


Good CONEAT index that allows for mixed agricultural and livestock exploitation. Water sources and reservoirs.

Ranch facilities:

Main house with barbecue area and wood stove.

Warehouse with capacity for supplies and agricultural machinery.

Fences in good condition.

Complete working facilities with handling facilities and loading ramps.

Reservoirs. Good water sources.

Electricity. Water well.



Farm Lands for Sale: An Exceptional Opportunity for Productivity and Lifestyle

Discover this farm land for sale that embodies the essence of self-sustainability and picturesque charm. This remarkable property boasts an enviable location, abundant natural resources, and a perfect blend of productivity and leisure. With its ideal conditions for both a fulfilling lifestyle and generating consistent annual income, this enticing opportunity is tailored for those with a discerning eye for agribusiness ventures.

Nestled within a prime location, this farm land is a haven of productivity, thanks to its fertile soil and favorable climate that yield impressive harvests year after year. Meticulously managed and equipped with robust agricultural infrastructure, it ensures a steady revenue stream for its astute owners. Moreover, its strategic proximity to transportation networks and bustling markets enhances accessibility and market reach, unlocking the potential for optimal profitability.

Beyond its agricultural potential, this property captivates with its awe-inspiring natural beauty and abundance of resources. Offering an idyllic backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, it serves as a sanctuary for recreation and relaxation. Whether indulging in leisurely pursuits or immersing oneself in the tranquility of the countryside, this farm land provides endless opportunities to savor a fulfilling lifestyle. Additionally, the property exemplifies forward-thinking sustainability practices, incorporating water conservation, renewable energy systems, and waste management solutions. By embracing eco-conscious endeavors, it ensures a responsible and enduring investment for future generations.

In summary, this captivating farm land harmoniously combines productivity, an ideal location, and an array of natural resources, making it an unparalleled investment for agribusiness enthusiasts. With its ability to generate consistent income while offering a fulfilling lifestyle and a commitment to sustainability, this property sets the stage for a remarkable legacy in the world of agriculture.


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