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Campo agrícola
Campo agrícola


Agricultural land for sale. 500 hectares in Flores.

If you’re looking to invest in a high-quality agricultural field in Flores, just a 30-minute drive from the departmental capital, keep reading.

The estate benefits from excellent rural access.

The soils have a good Coneat index, making them highly suitable for crops or leasing. The field does not have a main house for a large family, but it does have a staff house. It is fenced with electric wire and includes livestock handling facilities, watering troughs, and an Australian tank.

Renewable and clean energy is provided through solar panels.

The soil is suitable for both crops and livestock fattening. It is currently planted with Ryegrass and Lotus.

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Foreign investors looking to invest in land

Uruguay has investor-friendly legislation for foreign investors. There are no limitations for acquiring land or rural properties, whether as an individual or a legal entity. We have a professional team to guide you through the buying and selling process and facilitate decision-making.

Producing in Uruguay does not incur retention taxes for rural producers. You can also download our report on fiscal residency in Uruguay from our website